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Testimonials from students and parents

Here are some comments and feedback from previous students and parents about my teaching.

We are so happy with the tuition we have received from Hampton English Coaching. Cassie has been an excellent tutor to our ten-year-old son Andrew, helping him with his timed exam technique, comprehensions and creative writing. I am happy to report that he recently received his offer from St Paul's School. His English responses were singled out for praise. Thank you! We are now sending our daughter for English tuition too. This tutor brings out the best in her students and gets them to achieve more than they thought possible.

Mary, parent, Teddington

We are delighted with the quality, commitment and consistency of Cassie's English tuition. She is a subject specialist with years of teaching experience in the destination school we had set our hearts on. Our son loved his lessons with her. He became more articulate in both his speech AND writing; probably down to the extra time spent talking with an adult who treated him as an equal. Apart from great teaching, she also guided my husband and I through the maze of entrance exam systems, suggesting back-up schools we had not considered. She also helped my son prepare properly for his interviews, which were pretty tough. We were lucky enough to receive firm offers from both of our top choice schools, including a generous Hampton scholarship offer! We are so proud of our son. Thank you for your inspiration and helping him reach his full potential.

Keira, parent, Hampton Wick

A gem of a teacher. She boosted our daughter Emma's confidence, helped her overcome exam nerves, and deserves our heartfelt thanks. Emma is off to Wimbledon Girls' High in September 2018 and is very excited about her new school.

Richard, parent, Twickenham

This wonderful tutor managed to coach my son Freddy through the KGS and Hampton 10+ with only four months of preparation. Originally, we had never considered the 10+ route, but we bowed to her expertise and thank God we did - Fred got an offer! Equally impressive was the tuition she gave to our older son, George, who had previously failed his 11+ and had clear weak areas. He entered for the 12+, which has fairly few places, and managed to secure an offer. A patient and supportive teacher who works with both gifted and less able students. She came through for us.

Olivia, parent, Esher

An enthusiastic and very well-qualified teacher. Cassie has been so patient with our young daughter Anya, who now reads and writes fluently. Between the ages of 5 and 6 she has improved so much. Hampton English Coaching deserves much credit. Anya now enjoys writing her own stories and even likes to read aloud to us. Her teachers are so pleased with her progress. Thanks for all your help.

Marisa, parent, Sunbury-Upon-Thames

We arrived in London from China in order to take up new jobs and be nearer to family. Our son Arthur was falling behind in his English. He needed considerable help with his written and spoken expression. His grammatical understanding and the range of his vocabulary also needed to improve. After only a few months, he was far more confident, had an excellent English accent, and was writing secure compositions. We are so proud of what both Arthur and Cassie achieved. Arthur secured his 13+ place at a top London preparatory school and will start Hampton in a few year's time. Thank you! Cassie also has a good knowledge of all the local schools and gave us invaluable advice on suitable prep and secondary schools for our son and his younger brother. We are so proud of his achievement and so grateful to Cassie for her expert tuition. It has made such an impact and I'm sure we will be back for GCSE help!

Yan, parent, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Before coming for weekly lessons with Cassie, my dyslexic son Jacob hated all types of reading and was a bit quiet. We knew he was bright, but his written work didn't always show this. In a state academy with large class sizes, he hardly got any one to one. After regular tutoring, he grew far more confident. His handwriting became clearer, essays were longer and better structured ... what a difference! A high point was Jacob seeing his school English grades rise considerably last term. He is more articulate in his writing and happier in himself. These days, Jacob will read without being nagged! He and his tutor obviously 'clicked'. Thanks for all your help.

Lucy, parent, Hampton

My son was studying his English GCSEs at a local Academy school. My wife and I were seriously concerned about the quality of the teaching. Homework was rarely set. My son became very anxious as whole exam units had been skimmed over. Thank goodness we sent our son to Cassie! Although English is not his 'thing', he found her guidance on the units very helpful and became genuinely interested in Gothic horror and poetry units. Instead of his two predicted C grades in English, our son gained a high A grade and a B, after only three months of 90 minute-weekly GCSE English Language and Literature coaching. This has allowed him to take the A level options he wants.

James, parent, London

I used to hate English and did not have a clue about passing exams. Cassie made the lessons fun and helped me plan ideas. She was nice to work with and knew loads! I really liked using the grammar and spelling apps on her iPad. I also enjoyed the work we did on horror stories and, thanks to her, I entered one for the BBC's '500 Words' writing competition, which she helps judge.

10 year old Advanced Place candidate

Comprehensions seemed boring and so hard. I was facing the London entrance exams and wasn't sure how to improve. I now find them quite easy as we worked through them together - I sort of got over my fears! I also hated writing stories because I would find it tricky knowing how to start. We did the 'O.C.T.O.P.U.S' memory sentence game and some good story grid games. Now I include loads more details in my stories.

11 year old Common Entrance candidate

I was so confused about all the different GCSE and IGCSE exam units. To be honest, I'd had so many teachers in the past year, things were unclear. Cassie knows all the IGCSE and GCSE units and gave me helpful packs on the set Lit texts. She gave me the confidence and understanding to do well in both the English Language and the Literature. I really appreciated reading and discussing all the poems with her, as it helped me get them clear in my mind. I got far better grades than I had expected. I am so happy and am not sure I could have got them without Cassie's help. Now I can work on my three science A levels!

Alex, GCSE student, Hampton

I learned lots of new words with Cassie, Cassie is enthusiastic, making reading fun and her lessons easy to follow. I gained so many new exam tips and got over my time management problem. I ended up with several offers to choose from...and I passed both stages of my Tiffin Boys' exam. I was so pleased to have scored highly in the English!

Harry, Kingston-Upon-Thames